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CFAB Global has been a trusted partner in machinery support since 1998, offering a suite of services tailored to your unique needs. From sourcing parts and constructing bespoke equipment to installation services, our expertise covers every aspect of machinery management. Our hallmark Machine Reliability Program is designed to offer a holistic approach to machinery maintenance, presenting a customized package that encompasses detailed analysis, premium services, cutting-edge equipment, and unparalleled support. By adopting our proven strategies, our clients experience enhanced productivity, minimized equipment downtime, and extended lifespan for critical components such as bearings and gearboxes, significantly mitigating the risk of production delays.
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Minimize downtime and maximize output through optimized machinery performance.


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Proactive solutions and rapid response to ensure your operations keep moving.


Extend Machinery Lifespan

Our preventative and maintenance strategies prolong the life of your machinery components, ensuring a better return on investment.
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At CFAB Global, we believe in building relationships that last. Our approach is rooted in understanding your business’s unique challenges and objectives.
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